Saturday, May 16, 2009

We miss you Nancy!

Nancy was our dear colleague and friend who passed away this January after a terrible battle with lung cancer. Today we walked in her honor and celebrated her life, her legacy and the importance of good health. I miss so many things about Nancy, but mostly her words of encouragement. She supported me in everything, including work issues, love life dilemmas, family conflicts and especially new workout regimes. As Patti and I would leave over our lunch hour to go for a walk or run, she'd always yell after us, "Hey! Be sure to exercise some for me!" Her passing was a huge wake up call for me- anyone of us can get sick at anytime for any reason or for none at all.

I want to wake up every day and not only try to be the best person that I can be, but the healthiest person too. When Patti presented this triathlon challenge to me, I knew if Nancy was here she'd want me to try and do this. When the runs get hard and the hills get too big, I try to reflect on her words and think of her up there pushing me on. I know while she may not be at the finish line physically in August, she'll be there in spirit with her loud cheers, her big smile and her huge heart. We miss you dearly Nancy...

Becky Davis and I
Karen, Cathy and Dan

Amy, Baby Jack and Patti

Joey, Me, Amy and Alyssa

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  1. I love you and wish I could've been there!!! Keep it up!! Go girl, go!!!