Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day of Rest

Every triathlete in training needs a day of rest. In fact, it's mandatory. However, consuming several alcoholic beverages probably is not mandatory, but I am a firm believer it helps to achieve full relaxation mode. Thankfully, my co-workers and team members support this ideology.

Curious as to why rest is so important during training? Check out this article:

Our boss, Jill (aka- coolest, most awesomest boss in the world!), came up with a fabulous idea to shut down the office and take us all to the Royals game! It was a great break for me both mentality and physically with the training and with the beautiful spring weather I think we were all dying to get out of the office. We made some new friends while tailgating, played washers & bagg-o, checked out the new stadium, laughed endlessly thanks to all the wacky KC Royal fans...oh, and somewhere in there caught parts of the game!

Barbara showing the guys how to tear it up on baggos!

Patti's famous Mixie concoction- dangerous, but oh so goooooood!

Patti, Zangi & Barbara kickin' back!

Jill and Maggie are all smiles :)

Amy and Hannah cheering on the Royals!

Awesome seats- thanks Jill!!

NOTE TO SELF: Next tailgate at the Royals, bring only girls!! Apparently an all girls tailgate is quite the phenomenon and as a single lady lookin for love, they flocked to us like bees to honey!

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