Monday, May 11, 2009

Theme Song

I’m Patti and Hannah is my co-worker and my gym “life partner” for over a year now. I do have to claim that the tri started as part of my year 30 meltdown and I’m good at recruiting (see Hannah’s first post -I’m #6). I’m thrilled that she has let me be a guest contributor to this awesome blog, a choice she may later regret, but until that day…here we go!

I was thinking the other day about how I need to start to wean myself of my iPod as they are no-no’s on most road races and definitely a no for the tri. As Hannie and I have discussed running for us is such a mental game. I’m sure I can always run more that I think- so the iPod is a must have.

So until I absolutely have to quit you IPod…I’ve got some new items for you. Since I love themes, I was working on “tri” songs – one somewhat workable mix starts with the following:
Cannonball – The Breeders (“crash on the last splash”)
Bicycle – Queen (“I love to ride my bicycle”)
Running on Empty – Jackson Browne (and well, there just may be nothing left when I get to this point)

So I want to hear from you, give me your best swim/bike/run song list or whatever your inspiration is for that last mile!


  1. I got one for you, sister...Timebomb by Beck. You're gonna love it!

  2. Dare - Gorillaz
    anything from Girl Talk - Feed the Animals
    Handlebars - Flobots - obvious but kinda necessary
    Killing Machine - How I Became the Bomb
    American Boy - Estelle
    This Modern Love - Bloc Party
    The Go! Team
    this might have turned into music I just like....

  3. Alive Again, Chicago, also Chicago's "Stronger every day". They make you feel you can do anything, and keep going! Also, Devil with the Blue Dress, and Mony-Mony by Tommy James. These are old songs, but they really rock when you're trying to keep moving.