Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothin like a little support

I had to share with you some funny comments I've received about my nervousness of the swim portion of the triathalon. Please keep in mind, they are all trying to be supportive and helpful.

  • Open water swimming is a breeze if you are the only one there.
  • I would remind you - the swim is the smallest portion of the triathlon.
  • I really have no fear in the water except for lakes.
  • Line up in the back, out of the fray.
  • My only goal for the swim portion is "don't drown," and a few times I've almost failed!
  • Don't do the breaststroke in a crowd cause kicking someone in the head is a bad way to start a friendship.
  • You might see a fish which is a strange feeling when you are used to seeing only tile in the pool.
  • The bottom of the start or finish may be icky and slimy.
  • You may swim through lake weeds/grass. It is usually hydrilla or duckweed. This stuff will freak you out!
  • I know I looked like I was drowning especially since I was saying, "Excuse me...Hello...I need some help!"
  • You'll need to confirm whether you swim in a straight line in the open water.
  • Just hang back a little and relax and enjoy your swim!
  • I knew if I saw bubbles right in front of me then veer right or left. Bubbles meant feet and someone in front of me.
  • I had a full blown panic attack after the start of the race mainly because I was in over my head.

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