Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snakes in the M$%!F*&^ Lake... my apologies Samuel L.

One of our co-workers, who shall remain nameless, is terrified of snakes and apparently is convinced that if she does the tri in Smithville lake SHE WILL GET BIT. This is hilarious, as she should be more worried about getting a black eye or a foot between the ribs during the swim!

It got me thinking though of all the barriers to exercise, real or imagined that we use. I am definitely a goal orientated person & this long range one has been a good and consistent motivator to get out there and, as they say, “just do it”. Also, now that I’ve publically declared that I am doing the tri, public embarrassment is as good of reason as any. Also, I really am digging on my nike+/iPod “trainer”. It tracks all my runs and updates you along the way with how far you’ve gone and how much you have left. In fact, today I got a congrats from an Olympian for my farthest distance yet…that's not saying a lot but it beats a kick in the head!

So, kids here is your question for today – why do you strap on your running shoes every day? Or conversely, if you’ve not been as consistent what do you think will get you back on track?

See you Saturday for Nancy’s memorial run at Macken Park!


  1. I'm calling her out...BARBARA!!!!

  2. Ssssssoooo you think you can scare me with a picture of a cute little snake? Well....maybe you did a little.... BUT STEP ASIDE LADIES - BIB #420 HAS JOINED THE RACE!!