Friday, May 8, 2009

Chicago Marathon, YA RIGHT?!?

Sooooo I met my personal trainer today!! Kevin, at 24 Hour Fitness, who has run the famous Chicago Marathon, not once, not twice, but FOUR times ladies and gentlemen! We didn't even get started on the workout before he was trying to convince me that I should do it. One event at a time dude. If anyone can condition me for this event though, I think it's him. The session mostly involved him pinching my fat and talking about my diet- awesome... We decided 6 small meals a day and getting more protein is the key. I'll be purchasing some of that great protein powder this weekend- any suggestions on brands??

For the last 15 minutes he had me do 20 reps on a couple machines. I thought I did pretty well! We did some leg lunges- knee alllll the way to the floor- that left my knees buckling by the time I left. Some meathead on a machine yelled to me, "It's good to be sore!"- thanks buddy. Was I really that obvious?

Anyways, now I have a second goal stuck in the back of my mind...Chicago Marathon 2010?? Dang, Kevin, you're good.
Only a couple hours till that big bike purchase! Wahoooooo!

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