Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who knew KS had mountains?

My first open water swim is behind me - thank god! I had just a slight freak-out, nothing too major. I felt confident that Patti was prepared to save my life if I were suddenly pulled under by the Shawnee Mission Anaconda. There was sand between my toes, not mud. There were other swimmers who seemed as uncomfortable as me. No one touched me, no one yelled at me "off course". No one really came near me now that I think of it ??? Anyway, this one is behind me!! I feel much more relaxed. I am ready for the next open water swim and kind of looking forward to it.

Ok Ladies & Coach - On my BMX bike, which weighs at least as much as I do, and has tires almost as wide as the ones on my car. And all of your snazzy new bikes with the bells and the rear view mirrors and the water- bottle holders (show offs) - we knocked out 9.39 miles in 53 minutes. Our average speed was a little over 10 mph probably due to all of those F- ing hills. Our top speed was 31.7 mph, going down those F-ing hills. We burned 815 calories, not including the swim. I think we all did GREAT! I'm anxious to see how fast we are on the Smithville course. I think we'll fly!!


  1. Thanks for the stats BMX! It was a great run-through and you'll be surprised how great the 11th will go!

  2. Omigod, I thought I was going to DIE on those F-ing hills...