Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Tell Barb

Practice, practice, practice….not only will it get you to Carnegie Hall it will also, hopefully, keep you from drowning in Smithville Lake. Coach Sosa, Amy and I did a TRIal run (ha, get it) on Saturday at Smithville. We found the same places to swim, bike and run on that we will on the 1st. All went well, except for one minor freakout – the water! Now Barb, it’s too late to back out but I gotta say it was tougher that I thought it would be. So the message today is, open water swims – do it often and with lots of people around you. An excerpt from my sister after a foot from the shore “why are you not in??? take my hand, take my hand”

So, Coach Sosa (Matt really needed a role in all this training) will be out on Saturday, July 11 with the Sevylor 9000** complete with new paddles and a flotation device and the GPS to guide our next swim. Plan to meet at Paradise Point/Sailboat Cove in Smithville at 9 a.m. We can try to bang out all three events if you want, otherwise we can swim and take a leisurely bike on the roads. It’s a great route, the 10 miles will fly by. Let me know if you can be there! Happy training!

p.s. Congrats to Hannie. She rode in her first group ride on Sunday and finished strong after loggin 25miles!!

**Matt’s inflatable boat, also known as our safety craft, and I’m not kidding here.


  1. Hilarious!!! Can't decide which will be funnier- Barb getting in the water or Coach Sosa with his orange hunting hat leading the way!

    Who are we??

  2. That's funny!!! I think we all need to see a picture of Coach's water craft. Are you sure you didn't leave anything out in this story? Like how many ssssnakes you saw?