Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charley Horse Cures

These last few days I've been increasing my running and even accomplished my first "brick". What's a brick you ask? It's when you train in two different disciplines in the same workout. For example, I biked 3.5 miles to Macken Park, ran a mile and then biked home. Your legs essentially feel like bricks after the bike and while you're running (I know- you're questioning my sanity at this point). The idea is to get your body used to this feeling so that on race day, it's not a shock. My brick and runs have felt awesome though! I'm all the more encouraged and empowered to do this triathlon!!

The only downside: Charley the middle of the night...pain, pain, painful!

It started with the right calf and has spread now to the left. Awesome. I'm downing water like it's my job, although I know I could be even better with it. The odd thing is I've been trying to eat a banana a day- advice from my former spin instructor David at Scott Fitness- so I don't think they are a result of lacking potassium. I do think my calf muscles are not used to all this running and essentially freaking out. All you avid blog readers out there, got any ideas??

In the German speaking world it is commonly known as a Pferdekuss (horse's kiss), while in Denmark it is known as a trælår (wooden thigh), in Norway is referred to a lårhøne (thigh hen), and in Sweden lårkaka (thigh cake). In Portugal, it is known as a paralítica, roughly translated to "paralyzer."

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