Monday, June 22, 2009

People do this for FUN!?

Yesterday Patti, Coach Sosa and I did the 2009 Kansas City Fountain Tour- 25 miles, beginning at the River Market, winding our down to Mission, KS and back again. Let me just say, there was much more praying going on than fountain viewing. Patti continues to tell me I did well, but there were moments I seriously felt I was going to faint, crash and burn- ending my short lived bicycle dream.

The beginning was an adrenaline rush! Two hundred bicyclists hit the roads of Kansas City at 7:30 am sharp- we were off! However, as we rode my thighs began to BURN, my clothes clung to me with massive amounts of sweat, my breathing grew heavy, my hands grew stiff and my butt- oh my poor, poor bum- I move gingerly about the office today. I couldn't help but be impressed by bicyclists 3x my age, speeding past me! I'd like to say they had a better bike, a more defined appropriate road bike, which is probably true but they also were in damn good shape.

Although there were moments I questioned by ability to pull through, I sit here this afternoon and can proudly feel accomplished. I thought of my mom a lot, of Nancy and of my close friends who have supported me so strongly these last few weeks. I tried to think of their words and faces and know they were rooting me on. It really just goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to- it might not be easy, but you can do it. Patti, who I should just start calling "crazy co-worker" has now nearly convinced me to do the MS-150 at the end of September. Two days. 180 miles. Need I say more?

I have a feeling I'll be signed up by the end of the week...hey, I like a good challenge!

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