Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Week In The Life Of...

Friday, May 7 - MS Kickoff Training Ride in the Crossroads District

Tuesday, May 11 - First BRICK at the Downtown Airport KC

11 mile bike ride, 1 mile run, 1 mile sprint/walk

Thursday, May 13 - Livestrong Army of Kansas City/ Tour de BBQ Announcement at McFadden's in P&L District

       Livestrong POWER

 The BIG moment!! Patti signing up the Sosas for the Waddell & Reed Kansas City half-marathon!! October 16, 2010 - the day before my Nike Marathon in San Fran!

As you can see, we're keeping quite busy with our training and supporting of several local organizations/events around town. May is turning out to be one of the busiest charity fitness event months all year. If you wanted to, you could probably run, walk or bike for a different group every Saturday and Sunday. It's great to see so many people out there getting active and raising awareness for a variety of great causes. For a list of events in your community, search!

Join us next Saturday, May 22 at Liberty Memorial as we Take Steps for Crohns & Colitis! See ya there!

**Note: Today is a recovery day - remember the importance of these! I am so sore every movement up, down, in, out and around HURTS! That's what I get for having a "Rocky" moment yesterday...pain is weakness leaving the body, right?

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